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Painting in Cologne

In October 2008 I spent several days at the Orgatec design fare in Cologne where I was asked to do an oil painting on canvas measuring 150cmx120cm. The commission was from a Chinese company called Comfort Seating who produce designer office chairs.

As well as my own landscapes, portraits, murals etc., I also do copies of paintings so I was asked to reproduce a rather modified oil painting of the famous Michaelangelo image of God creating Adam with my version replacing Adam with Comfort Seating's latest hi-tec chair. I had 4 days in which to complete it and the work was carried out in the middle of their large exhibition area where I was photographed and filmed much of the time as I worked, with many of the visitors approaching me to chat and have their photos taken with this London artist in front of his picture. It seemed a clever enough idea as the painting attracted a lot of interest, bringing people into the exhibition area to view the chairs. The oil painting has now been taken to their headquarters in China and the image will be used for further publicity. Comfort Seating were very hospitable towards me and I wish them every success.

More images of the oil painting can be seen in the 'gallery' page of this website.